Mario 64 Review

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I feel bad that I played this game in 2020, because this game was one of the building blocks of modern 3D games, and yet playing it now seems, not bad, but very simplistic. 

That said you can still see so much of this game is in the Super Mario Odyssey, which is cool to look back and see where all these games that I love have come from. Being the age I am, I think I was part of the privileged generation that has only seen video games go from strength to strength rather than having to see the games that did work and the ones that didn’t. This game is one of the most defining games in history, but it hasn’t aged well. 

One of the most notable things for me was how short it is, I finished it within an hour and a half, admittedly, I was doing the bare minimum to progress through each door, again I have to sit and think this game is older than I am, but there is so much of this game I love because I have seen how much it has progressed, but in this form to me just isn’t fun. Having played games Like Odyssey which is platforming at its peak but this Mario is so slippy that you end up having to do courses about 15 times because even though you stop pushing the joystick Mario slides off the edge of a platform. 

Also, the lack of story in this game is so disturbing, like most Mario games aren’t great for story but they still had some, this just doesn’t it’s here is a castle go get Peach. 

I do want to say I 100% understand that in 1997 this was one of if not the best game that year on the N64, but in 2020, it feels like a cash grab from Nintendo to just port this to the Switch. 

Mario 64, as part of the Mario 3D All Stars bundle: 4/10 

7 thoughts on “Mario 64 Review

  1. I relate to playing this for the first time in 2020, although I loved it, complete opposite to you it seems haha. Would love if you could support me, just liked and followed your account, tryna find fellow small writers who I could support and vice versa 🙂


    1. Haha, yeah I think playing older games just seems weird to me having played so many more fleshed out games, it’s still a great game but just not my cup of tea, and absolutely, thanks for the support means a lot and I’ll follow you back 😊


  2. It’s hard to explain how big of a deal this game was in 1996. With very little internet, you went to local malls/video stars and played for a few on a community consoles and it was absolutely mind blowing.


    1. Yeah definitely, I’m definitely part of a privileged group of people that grew up with the games I did that were built of Mario 64. I have my own games that I absolutely adore from my childhood that I felt exactly the same about. I just think I’m too young to appreciate 64 enough because every platformer I’ve played has been an improvement on 64

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